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Our vision is to be a twelve-month program investing in women through transitional housing and social services with a Christ-centered approach offering them hope, and empowering them to live independent lives with structure and direction. 

  • transformation of life through a relationship with Christ

  • unconditional love for all clients

  • understanding the context and devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction

  • the extent of destruction that addiction has on families and communities

  • structured living, work ethic, commitment to the program

  • education process necessary for recovery

  • restoration of clients with families

Our mission is to provide a faith-based addiction recovery program for women, helping their transformation into a healthy and productive life, free from drugs and alcohol.

Our Programs

12 Month Discipleship Recovery Program

This program is for women who are struggling with life controlling issues such as drugs or alcohol. To help them achieve a life of sobriety, a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to become a productive member of society. 

6 Month Restoration Program

This program is offered to Hope for Women graduates who have relapsed and need restoration to help them get back onto the path that God has for them.

If you are interested in entering into the program, please call us at (205) 265-2799.